Danette Lovato Pimentel Music Enterprises Inc. was established in 1992 as a booking agency for local musicians and talent. Since then the company has expanded to become a full service agency for event management production, and entertainment planning world-wide. With only a handful of clients and contacts in the early 90ís, Danette Lovato has since established an entrepreneurís empire providing over 1,000 musicians, acts, vendors, and venues essential to making the overall production of any event memorable.


Since 1992, Danette Lovato has added to her database both emerging and established artists, reputable vendors, and international acts. Included within this list are soloists, ensembles, bands, theatre crews, sound crews, film crews, merchandising celebrities, caterers, florists, decorators, actors, photographers, impersonators, lecturers, auctioneers, traditional and beyond ordinary transporters, and lodgers.


Through the years, Danette Lovato has expanded to not only manage talent, but also a variety of bookings and production services with the upmost quality and excellence. The company is proud to present for small businesses, corporations, casinos, festivals, fairs, expos, weddings, governmental affairs, and grand openings. Each event is done with precision, and with a full list of talent and vendors, the client is sure to get exactly what they want.


From charitable auctions to governmental affairs, Danette Lovato has provided exceptional services locally, nationally and internationally. Locally, the company has provided musicians for the Montezuma Ball, serviced the grand opening of the New Mexico Rail Runner, and supplied entertainment for both of former President Bill Clintonís visits to New Mexico. Contracting with Spectacular Productions Inc., Danette Lovato has serviced national acts such as Jay Leno, Wayne Brady, Leanne Rhymes, and Howey Mandell. Internationally, the company organized entertainment for both the Pan American Games of 1999 in Winnipeg, Canada, and the Okinichi Festival of 1997 in Sasebo, Japan.


As the company expanded, Danette Lovato recieved official government clearances to operate as a Special Agent to the US Department of State and the US Department of Energy, providing hospitality services to dignitaries, and delegates from Yemen, Kazitstan, South Africa, Russia, and the Philippines.


Danette Lovato Pimentel Music Enterprises Inc. exemplifies quality event management and has amplified to the broadest of event management needs. Operating out of Huning Highland Historic District, Albuquerque, Danette Lovato has provided the finest to venues worldwide catering to locals, nationals, and diplomats alike. The company comes highly respected and highly recommended by business professionals and gentlepersons alike.

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